Create Your Own Reality in 2020

Tired of the phrase ‘New Year, New You’?

It’s a little overused, don’t you think?! There’s nothing wrong with setting new intentions and goals for yourself at this time of year, but do remember – you can make resolutions any day of the year. In fact, if your day isn’t going so well, you can take a purposeful pause, recentre with some deep breaths, and start your day afresh anytime. That’s true any day of the year!

Just as important as setting new intentions for the year ahead is taking time to acknowledge and reward yourself for all you achieved in 2019 (and before). Remember, ‘old you’ is always with you, and he/she isn’t so bad – they got you to where you are now didn’t they?! So be kind to yourself and spend some time recognising your achievements so far, before sitting down to write your goals for this year – you’ll enter the whole process in a far more positive state. If you come at goal setting from a ‘what’s wrong with me that needs changing?’ mentality you’ll set yourself up for failure. When you come from a perspective of love for yourself and gratitude for all you’ve achieved so far in your life, the energy you bring to goal setting is entirely different.

What’s also important when setting your intentions is to use positive affirmative statements as if your goal were already achieved. Your unconscious mind can’t process a negative, so if your goal is ‘lose weight’ you’re unlikely to get there. When you state your intention in the positive and present tense your subconscious will get to work on achieving it like a heat-seeking missile! So rather than a goal of losing 10lbs, state how much you want to weigh and by when in the present tense as though you’ve already reached that milestone.

Here are my top 5 tips for setting new intentions for the year ahead:

1. Begin by getting yourself into a positive mindset by listing all the things you’ve achieved so far in your life, however big or small (e.g. I earned that promotion, I’m a great Mum, I ran that race…) and all the things you’re grateful for (e.g. I love my home, I’m grateful for my friends, thank you for the support of my partner…) Dedicate some time to write these things down and say thank you for all of them!

2. Brainstorm everything you think you’d like to achieve in the year ahead and then whittle it down to your top 3-5 so you don’t overwhelm yourself or set yourself up to fail with unrealistic expectations (you can have smaller sub-goals, but keep the main focuses to no more than 5)

3. Take those 3-5 key goals and write them down stating them in the positive and present tense, e.g:

I’m so happy that I have started my new job as a team leader

I love that I’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

I’m so grateful that I weigh XX and fit in all my favourite clothes

4. Create some affirmations that support those goals, as if they were true already, e.g:

I’m a great manager and leader of people, and my whole team respects me

My body is strong, fit and healthy, and supports me in everything I do

I am slim, I am always full of energy, and I can wear whatever I like

5. Make 10-15 minutes each day (preferably in the morning before starting your day) to visualise each of these goals – first picture yourself as you will look and feel having achieved them on a big movie screen in your mind, before floating into that future you and rehearsing your achievements – see what they see, hear what they hear, and really enjoying feeling all the feelings of being that future version of yourself. Then come out of your visualisation and immediately repeat your supporting affirmations to yourself – ideally in front of a mirror!

When we focus on the good feelings of what we’re wanting, as if they were already a reality, if we can sustain that for just 17 seconds we begin to set universal forces in action to bring us our desires. So, practice visualising your achievements and feeling all the wonderful feelings of being your future self as often as possible. Treat it as a daily ritual or meditation and protect that time for yourself.

Finally, the key along the way? Remember to be happy in the here and now as though you already had all of your desires. Just as important as all of the above steps is to feel good in the present moment and enjoy every step of the journey! And have fun with this process of creating your reality – it’s what we’re here for!

My Book Recommendation of the Month:

Image result for ask and it is given

My book recommendation for manifesting your desires this January? Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. If you haven’t already read this I can promise you it will change how you view EVERYTHING and help you create your reality more consciously and purposefully than ever before. Happy reading!

Create Your Own Reality in 2020

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