Kind words from clients…

Abi’s meditation sessions are the perfect remedy for a hectic, busy mind. The group sessions are welcoming and have the added bonus of being online, so you can roll straight into bed once they’re finished! Abi has such a soothing voice and I love that she introduces topical insights to each session. I have recommended Abi’s sessions to a number of friends!
Sarah Biancardi, Pirton

Absolutely love the meditation evenings !!! Abi is great and I always sleep really well after. Thank you
Sally Greenwood, Benington Lordship

I have attended weekly meditation online throughout lockdown, visited for Reiki and attended one of Abi’s workshops, every single interaction has been flawless. I have massively enjoyed every session and it has kept me going, the law of attraction workshop is a game changer! Thank you Abi
Samm Larkin, Letchworth

Highly recommend Abi’s online workshops on how to look after yourself during lockdowns and Winter months. They are full of strategies, tools and tips on how to do self-care, stay healthy and cope through dark and trying times! There was a lot of useful content and some beautiful meditations – a really safe and welcoming space.
Orla Nicholls, Luton

I engaged in a “Preparing for another lockdown” workshop, which was very informative and Abi ensured all participants were equally included.Abi’s knowledge base is sound and broad; I particularly enjoyed the meditation at beginning and end and felt very relaxed and reassured by the conclusion of the workshop; I slept well that night and woke with renewed hope and feeling supported during a difficult time. The workshop was just what I needed and Abi didn’t disappoint. I would definitely recommend her weekly meditation sessions. Abi gave us all a gift pack with some tailor made essential oil and and other useful or self nurturing items, which was a thoughtful and loving touch.Thank you for a truly uplifting evening.
Jacqueline Bailey, Hatfield

I had my first ever reiki treatment with Abi and it won’t be my last- I went into the session feeling pretty low on energy and came out feeling totally the opposite and ready to start my day. It was a really special intense (in a good way) calming experience. Thanks Abi, I’ll be back!
Lucy Bassett, Breachwood Green

I had a crystal and reiki healing session with Abi and it was such a wonderful and healing experience. Abi has a warm and personable energy and immediately makes you feel so comfortable. The treatment was exactly what I needed – I felt so relaxed yet energised afterwards and I look forward to booking another asap! I would highly recommend Abi’s services.
Laura Yates, Hitchin

Having never attended a meditation session before I decided to give Abi a try. It was via Zoom and there were other people on the call but we turned off our cameras and got settled. It was such a relaxing experience! I now attend pretty much every session. It’s definitely something I would recommend to relax, unwind and let your mind have some ‘down’ time.
Louise Yexley, Sandy

The crystal workshop with Abi was fantastic, really informative and a must if you are interested I learnt so much and feel more confident to start collecting and using them. A very relaxed and fun session too.
Emma Simpson, Yorkshire

I first had the pleasure of meeting Abi back in February for a Reiki and Crystal healing treatment which also included coloured chakra scarves. I really didn’t know what to expect but I couldn’t have been in kinder, safer and more professional hands than Abi’s. It was a truly wonderful experience that left me feeling grounded, calm and so relaxed! And one that I cannot recommend highly enough and am very much looking forward to again! Just fabulous !
And talking of fabulous… I have also been regularly joining Abi’s meditation sessions via Zoom. Wow what a treat!! Beautiful, inspiring mediations that always lead me into the best nights sleep!
I cannot thank you enough Abi!
Finally, I can’t go without a big thank you for such an inspiring Crystal Workshop. I learnt soo much and words cannot express how much joy I am now having working with my crystals!
Nadine Taylor, Letchworth

I wanted to say thanks to Abi and Align Well-being. I’ve really enjoyed the Align Well-being Facebook page which so often has posts that help me reflect on my own self rather than just my business which been sorely needed over the last few months. The meditation sessions are a particular favourite of mine , which Abi runs regularly. Not only does Abi ensure throughout the sessions that the tone and pacing is right for everyone involved but she follows up individually with each participant. I look forward in the future to attending more courses she runs and highly recommend Align Wellbeing to anyone looking to try alternative therapies or meditation.
Sammi Sparke, St. Neots

I would highly recommend Abi’s Law of Attraction workshop. I knew about the Law of Attraction but wasn’t sure how to use it. Abi’s workshop helped me understand it clearly and explained so many things and how to change the way we tell the Universe what it is we truly want. Very informative! x
Joanna Ziolkowska, Biggleswade

Thank you so much Abi for the beautiful Reiki session last night. Your treatment room was so thoughtfully laid out, it instantly put me at ease. And your Reiki healing was amazing. Utterly relaxing, but most importantly I left you feeling uplifted, lighter and all my tummy pains had just vanished! It was a wonderful experience and I can’t recommend you enough.
Jo Hall, Henlow

I had an online Power Hour session with Abi this week. 
I had been feeling very low in mental and physical energy and lacking drive. Working from home with children + lockdown had worn me out. 
Abi used some very powerful techniques to help me realign myself. She helped me to see how I want to be in three months, and how I can create that formula for myself. 
I left with clarity of thought, an increase in energy and clear tangible and actionable steps to make the difference in my own life. 
Thank you Abi. xx

Kate Davis, Ascot

Abi has a wonderful manner and professionalism that makes meditation super easy. I would definitely work with Abi again and recommend her.
Relton Herron, Stevenage

I had my first Reiki treatment with Abi and wow! Abi made me feel extremely relaxed, talked me through the treatment and how it would work, then relaxed me so much, I fell asleep!It was an amazing experience and one that I would highly recommend!
Amanda Heritage, Weedon

Never having had a reiki session before, I had no idea what to expect so I went in with an open mind. Abi was great and put me at ease right from the beginning. The whole reiki experience made me feel very relaxed. I felt amazing afterwards and slept very well at night. I would definitely recommend Abi to anyone who love to try reiki. She is a very caring person who is very passionate about what she does.
Maria Sanders, Hitchin

I had my first ever crystal healing treatment with Abi and it was so relaxing. Abi made me feel really calm. Afterwards I felt stress free and slept so well that night.

Victoria Whitton, Letchworth

I had the pleasure of experiencing a reiki and crystal healing session with Abi. From start to finish it was a brilliant experience. Abi has a warm and welcoming approach and a calming manner. I would highly recommend a session with Abi and would not hesitate to use her services again.
Yvette Ankrah, Harlow

I had a lovely and relaxing Reiki/crystal healing session with Abi. She combined the two, which was something I’ve never experienced before. She is kind, empathetic and puts you right at ease. She identified blocks in my throat and made me aware of these. The space she has is wonderful with great energy. Would recommend to anyone to see her for a treatment!
Ciara Farrelly, London

Thank you for such a beautifully relaxing meditation experience Abi. I had a wonderful evening and felt so calm and both relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I slept like a baby! Your space is so very inviting, a perfect setting. Thank you for making me feel so welcome.
Thank you also for introducing me to essential oils! Your knowledge is impressive and I am overwhelmed by the amount of benefits they have.. thank you so much for your samples. I will definitely let you know how I get on.
I look forward to your next meditation evening xx

Michelle Barton, Welwyn Garden City

This was my first time trying Reiki and any type of healing. I must say it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced, I went in with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. Abi has a very sweet nature and made me feel so at ease. The best way I can describe my Reiki experience is a lovely floaty yet grounding experience. Abi was able to pinpoint different energies that were positive and others that needed work on. Super relaxing and overall a very positive experience. Her work space is beautiful too and so calming. I will sleep like a baby tonight after this treatment!
Emma Draper, Sandy