Spring Clean Your Life

Out With The Old…

As we begin to approach the Spring it’s one of the best times of year to think about decluttering not only your home, but your life. What baggage are you carrying around, people are you putting up with, or things that no longer serve you?

Daffodils in Spring

In the Spring as the days lengthen and the daffodils start to bloom we often think about switching our wardrobes around ready for the warmer weather, having a good clear out, and decluttering or redecorating our homes. But we rarely think about Spring cleaning our emotional or personal lives. As helpful and lightening as it can feel to throw out that 10 year old sweater or pair of boots you know deep down you’ll never wear again, it can be just as liberating to lighten the load in other areas of your life.

How about sitting down and taking stock of everything in your life and deciding whether the following are serving you and adding to your life, or whether they are costing you more in time and energy than you get back:

  • Relationships (that friend you always do more for than you ever see in return, family members who drain your energy, or a partner who isn’t making you feel loved as you should)
  • Work commitments (your paid job or business taking more of your personal time than you get in financial return, side projects you aren’t finding satisfying, and hobbies or things you do voluntarily but aren’t enjoying, for example)
  • Possessions or things (clothes, gadgets, books, products, stuff, anything gathering dust in your home, etc)
  • Emotions (pains and heart aches from the past you hold onto, nurture and feed – these need to be let go of, healed, and released)
  • Bad habits that are no longer serving you (smoking, drinking too much, or over-eating to name a few)

In With The New…

When you sit down and review all these areas of your life that you’re giving your time and energy to – appreciate and focus on those that are rewarding you, and decide to move away from those that are more of a drain than anything – it will free up time and space in your life for better things. Life and personal coaching can help to guide and support you through all of this.

Think of it as having a life detox, just as you would follow a diet when you want to shed a few pounds. This exercise is like taking a diet for your mental and emotional health. All too often we continue consuming or putting up with people, places or things that are no good for us without realising we always have a choice about what is and isn’t acceptable to us.

Holding on to things in our lives that do us no good causes emotional, energetic, and physical blockages that ultimately lead to physical disease (literally dis-ease in our systems).

What are you holding on to that it’s time to heal, release and let go of? And ask yourself what wonderful new things that will make space for in your life!

Joy of Less

My audiobook recommendation for decluttering your life? The Joy of Less – A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify by Francine Jay

Spring Clean Your Life