Hi there! I’m Abi Lawrence – founder of Align Wellbeing, free spirit, and corporate world survivor.

Wellbeing Hitchin Hertfordshire

Until recently my life was progressing along the stereotypical ‘path’ successfully climbing the career ladder, acquiring ‘things’, and ticking off all the boxes we think we’re supposed to. I would have told you I was happy enough – earning good money, taking nice holidays, buying whatever I wanted, etc… but looking back now I know there was always something missing, I was never really happy, and after years along this path I’d entirely lost all sense of who I really am. I was depressed, anxious, and frustrated after enduring years of poor leadership, questionable ethics, and unsatisfying work; I never slept for more than 2 or 3 hours a night, and my health was suffering.

Having ignored nudges in the past that were signalling to me I was on the wrong track, it took a particularly painful and challenging series of events to finally wake me up to this and allow myself to be guided to a more meaningful fulfilling way of life. I left the corporate world behind me and retrained as a coach, NLP practitioner, reiki and crystal healer, and meditation teacher – all as part of my own healing journey. I trained in the skills of all the things that helped me to recover, and followed my dream to help and support others feeling the same to find ALIGNment with who they truly are and what they really want from life. Because when we achieve that state of ALIGNment and WELLBEING we can literally be, do and have anything and everything we want!

Whatever it is you’re lacking right now, or looking for in life, it will be my honour and privilege to work with you along your journey. My own life experience and healing journey are hugely instrumental in my work with others, and I promise you from my own experience – after the darkest hours always comes the dawn.


10 Fun and Random Things About Me:

Wellbeing Hitchin Hertfordshire

1) I grew up in a little town called Hinckley in the East Midlands before moving all over the country, finally settling in the lovely market town of Hitchin

2) I love love love personal development books and speakers – Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar being two of my all time favourites

3) My favourite place in the world is Australia, where I spent 2 months backpacking back in 2006

4) My Father is also a coach and hypnotherapist, and has helped countless people to change their lives for the better

5) I lived in Manchester for 3 and a half years back in my twenties, and it is still a place very dear to my heart

6) I absolutely love swimming and being in the water

7) I once received an award from Kriss Akabusi for a project I delivered for the Co-op

8) The following year I received another one from James Nesbitt 

9) I did my first NLP training with John Grinder – one of the co-founders of the art

10) I collect crystals of all shapes and sizes